• 01# It’s never ending fun

    “because we dip into the energy of the people
    who get together.”

  • 02# It’s a community

    “where to build new relationships and broaden your horizons.
    El sit to be!”

  • 03# It’s a genuine experience

    “because what we eat, what we drink, what we say and what we hear
    is important for our lives.”

  • 04# It’s a dance factory

    “where to feel healthy and joyful and bring rhythm and energy to your body.”

  • 05# It’s all about music

    “Because singing opens your soul and gives voice to your memory.”

  • 06# É un passo nel passato

    “prima della televisione, quando la vita veniva vissuta e non rappresentata.”

  • 07# A history yet to be told

    “It starts from our roots. It’s the place where the memory enlightens the present.”

  • 08# It’s used and re-used

    “because we don’t waste, we prefer to recycle, clean and repair.”

  • 09# Your presence makes the difference

    because the Last Judgment doesn’t find us in the houses where we hide.
    We must go out on the streets to know who we are.”

  • 10# It was and will be

    “because the true innovation is to cherish the values that last and mature over the years.
    A newborn classic.”

Spirit de Milan is the ideal place where to dance, eat, drink,

have fun and meet new friends.


Leave formality at the entrance door and be ready to share a table with new people and spend some cheerful time in a great location.
Meet interesting people of the “old Milan”, get immersed in a genuine Milanese environment, enjoy the music and learn to dance!

Feel at home in an unique space with a stage, a dance floor and multiple areas to get together.

The old Cristallerie Livellara opens its doors for a new project, Spirit de Milan. It is a dance floor, a theatre, a stage, a restaurant, a hangout, a new home for our passions.
The “Fabbrica de la Sgagnosa” is our bistrot-restaurant, where you’ll find genuine and soothing homemade food, regional appetizers, chilled drinks and, most of all, good wine.

Sing, play music, have fun and learn the local dialect during the “Barbera & Champagne” Milanese night, inspired by the popular taverns of Milan’s good old days.

Holy Swing Night is the unique and only authentic Swing night in Milan. You’ll be immersed in the Fourties and dance to the music of the best live swing bands in Italy and Europe.
  • We have built a crystal carousel in Milan, but the hail of coins destroyed it while we were enjoying it at the most. Then we took shelter in the suburbs and where we found the garbage we discovered the magic…
    - Mercanti di LiquoreLombardia tratta - La musica dei poveri
  • …’cause the Last Judgment doesn’t find us in the houses where we hide, we must go out on the street to know who we are.
    - Giorgi Gaber e Sandro LuporiniC'è solo la strada
  • “The place to be” becomes “El sit to be”. A Milanese start and an English end, tradition and future.
    - Luca LocatelliSpirit de Milan Founder
  • Flash a smile to the people on stage and in the audience: it gives good vibes and it arouses those who play the music and those who dance
    - Mauro PorroChicago Stompers


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